Gusevskiy Khrustal

Object location:
601500, Russia, Vladimir region, Gus Khrustalniy town, Kalinina str, 28   
Web-site: http://ghz.ru/
Branch/sector: consumer goods 
Project start: 2007
Completion of the project: 2011
 Gusevskiy Khrustal is the largest Russian producer of the table glassware and highly artistic cut glass. The company is formed on the base of the oldest Russian crystal plant.
Starting situation 

In 2007 the crystal plant experienced decline in production, sales slowdown and contraction of the market share. In connection to these economic difficulties the enterprise lost its experienced specialists.

ROEL Management Activity 

ROEL team completely changed the marketing strategy of the enterprise on assortment and price policy.  The company focused on the high premium segment, customized orders (complex and expensive glassware), new design ideas and techniques.  More than that Gusevskiy Khrustal company used new distribution channels: e-commerce, life-style editions («VOGUE», «ELITE Interior Territory», etc.), events, etc. 

Achieved results
As a result of ROEL successful management activity Gusevskiy Khrustal made repositioning of the company: instead of the mass production of glassware the plant started taking handicraft customized orders. In addition to this the company reacquired many lost technical competences. In autumn 2011 ROEL transferred the management of the crystal plant to the investor JSC Steklomashholding specialized in such projects. 

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