Two RUSELPROM concerns projects were included in the list of 50 top innovation projects of Russian companies

wo RUSELPROM concern’s projects were included in the list of 50 top innovation projects of Russian companies compiled after polling organized by Expert RA rating agency.
The final rating was presented during the Russian Innovation forum which took place in the Russian Polytechnic Museum on May 27, 2010. RUSELPROM concern’s projects, which attracted the attention of the mini-poll’s authors, include the development and production of 7A energy-efficient engines and the already acknowledged at the 2008 International Auto transportation Forum hybrid drive based on the city bus.
According to Dan Medovnikov, head of the Expert innovation bureau, innovations are being most actively introduced in machine-building, information and communications sector, metallurgy and energy. According to the mini-poll data, at least 4 innovation active companies are presented in each of these sectors. The fuel industry is doing worse. Among the oilers, only LUKoil announced the introduction of innovative projects, and SUEK in the coal industry. As for innovations introduction in other industries, they are sporadic.
According to estimates of companies which participated in the poll, less than 25% of the presented innovation solutions exceed international levels by key parameters. They assessed others as no worse than the best international analogues, or equaling them by key characteristics but having a better price-quality ratio.


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