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The ROEL Group of companies’ specialists acquired a unique expertise in implementing projects of corporate and financial restructuring of distressed companies during the previous economic crisis of 1998. Over 100 restructuring projects for businesses in a hard financial situation, including for companies in bankruptcy proceedings, was fulfilled at that time.  As a result, most reformed firms demonstrated sustainable development, provided a stable cash flow and a significant growth of asset value. Large vertically and horizontally integrated holding companies which became leaders in their industry and local markets (ref. Completed Projects and Current Projects chapters) were created.
Today the ROEL Group of companies implements projects in 11 industries, 22 Russian regions and 3 CIS states.



 Economic sector
  1. Vladimir region
  2. Volgograd region
  3. Lipetsk region
  4. Amur region
  5. Saratov region
  6. Chita region
  7. Leningrad region
  8. Kursk region
  9. Tula region
  10. Tver region
  11. Sverdlovsk region
  12. Ivanovo region
  13. Oryol region
  14. Smolensk region
  15. Tomsk region
  16. Moscow region
  17. Moscow
  18. Saint Petersburg
  19. Krasnodar region
  20. Altai region
  21. Chuvashiya Republic
  22. Bashkortostan Republic


  1. Ukraine
  2. Kazakstan
  3. Belarus
  • Engineering;
  • Construction and development;
  • Housing and public utilities and small generators;
  • Geologic exploration;
  • Food industry;
  • Textile industry;
  • Timber and timber processing;
  • Agriculture;
  • Synthetics crystals production;
  • Biotechnologies;
  • Internet technol

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