LLC Ural Composite

 Object location: 
Sverdlovsk region, Artemovskiy district,
Krasnogvardeyskiy settlement, Khimikov street, 9
tel: +7(343) 634-46-01, +7(499) 647-86-43
Internet site: http://ural-composite.ru/

Project start: 2011
 Ural Composite was set up in 2011. Since 2013 it has been independently doing the extraction of raw materials, advanced processing and supplies to the final market. 
Diatomite and gaize deposits are placed in Sverdlovsk region and are among the largest fields at the territory of the Russian Federation. The diatomite extracted in this area is the cleanest type by its physicochemical composition. Iron low content is its distinguishing feature, which means the high quality of feed. 
This type of diatomite is used in the production of first-grade constructional materials and cellular glass ceramics. It is also used almost in all the industrial sectors as а purified silicon dioxide. 

 Ural Composite has a range of innovative inventions in the field of diatomite-based cellular glass production and pelletized glass feed production. It is also ready with effective solutions on amorphous silica production issues (silicon dioxide, silica).

The company has a developed regional network including the largest Russian cities. 

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