Managing Company EnergyAlliance and Tver Generation LLC: Shared Investing.

On the 20th of May 2015 in Tver there took place  a public task force meeting called “Modern means and technologies of project financing and shared investing: the key to the recovery of economics growth and to business asset modernization”.
The Tver region authorities, members of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation, Tver Generation LLC and EnergyAlliance representatives took part in the discussion. In the centre of attention there was a problem of the country business asset modernization and modern means and technologies of project financing and shared investing as one of the methods of solving this problem. Today the point is of main concern in the sphere of Housing and Utilities infrastructure and electricity-producing industry. In particular the development of  Tver Generation LLC major business assets was discussed. 
TF meeting coordinator Sergey Chernishev, member of the Community Board of the Russian Ministry for Industry and Trade and ROEL partner, pointed out in his speech at the necessity for the mutual promotion of industry and energy production for the successful electric power system recovery and for making business profit. Managing Company EnergyAlliance  is competent in setting up new steam shops and gas and heating lines. Suchlike project was successfully realized in the Smolensk region while at present the same project is being realized in Omsk. The representatives of the Managing Company Tretyakov Lev and Gorelov Jan are sure that acute energy power problems can be solved not only on the corporate but also on the regional and sectorial level.


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