The RUSELPROM concern launched modernization of the Skhodnenskaya hydro power station

The RUSELPROM concern started works to modernize the  Skhodnenskaya hydro power station, making part of hydro power stations complex of the canal named after Moscow. The size of the contract is about 12 mln rubles.
One of the concern’s divisions, the RUSELPOM-Electromash company, will replace two generator excitation systems. It will also do installation and construction and works will be done. The key client is the FGUP Kanal imeni Moskvy, whose system includes the Skhodnenskaya hydro power station.
The RUSELPROM concern plans to complete modernization works on the hydro power station in the fourth quarter of 2010. During the eight-month modernization, the Skhodnenskaya hydro power station will continue working because just one of aggregates will be involved in the modernization at one time.
The Skhodnenskaya hydro power station produces about 30 mln kW/h of electricity a year, its capacity amounting to 30 MWt (two hydro generators with a capacity of 15 MWt each). The  Skhodnenskaya hydro power station was built in 1939 to a diversion scheme using the difference in heights between the Khimki reservoir and the Skhodnya river.  The Skhodnenskaya hydro power station is located in the north-west of Moscow and provides electricity to the canal and its hydraulic works and it also performs the function of a power reserve in times of peak loading on the Moscow system. 
“We consider the RUSELPROM concern’s participation in the Skhodnenskaya hydro power station modernization project as a fine opportunity to demonstrate our technical competence in the modernization of large and medium-sized energy complexes and to confirm the competitiveness of local products and solutions on the electric machines market,” noted project manager Ilya Satin.
The hydro power station complex of the Moscow canal includes 7 electric stations in the Moscow region and the city of Moscow – 4 main stations (Ivankovskaya, Skhodnenskaya, Karamyshvskaya, Perervinskaya) and 3 small hydro power stations (Pirogovskaya, Akulovskaya, Listvyanskaya).


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