Electrotechnical group Ruselprom

Object location:
109029, Russia, Moscow, 32/15 Nizhegorodskaya St.
Internet site: http://www.ruselprom.ru/

Branch / sector: electric machinery industry
Project start: 2002

«Ruselprom» is a powerful scientific production complex which includes Russian leading electric machinery enterprises and scientific-engineering organizations: “Vladymir Electric Engine Plant”, “NIPTIEM”, “VEMZ-SPECTR” (city of Vladymir), “Ruselprom-Engineering” (city of Ekaterinburg), “Leningrad electric machinery plant”, “Ruselprom-Electromach” (St. Petersburg), “Safonov electric machinery plant” (city of Safonovo), “Ruselprom-Osnastka” (Moscow).

The group was founded in 1991 and included an assortment of the largest engineering plants of the country and the Scientific, Research and Design Institute “NIPTIEM”.

Starting situation

At the moment the investment decision was made, production and sales volume decrease were taking place at the group of enterprises and there was a low level of production capacity.

Activity of the company managers and GC «ROEL»

Starting in 2002 the managers of the group and GC “ROEL” realized operational and strategic reorganization of the company. Isolated engineering plants were united into a single holding structure.

The board of directors was reorganized, independent directors were brought in, package of instructive documents was prepared in order to renovate the corporate management system. Corporate management was arranged according to international standards and the requirements of financial markets.

Achieved results

  • Realization of the crises management policy has led to a stable increase of the group’s production and financial performance indicators.
  • Currently the group’s product accounts for over one third of the Russian market of generators and large electric machines (from 1000 kW to 32.5 W). The share of the group in the Russian manufacturing of all-purpose and general industrial electric motors of power capacity (0.5-250) kW came to 20% in 2007 - in quantitative terms. In the segment of generators for mining equipment - 41% of the market, mill engines - 38% of the market. Export makes up around one third of the sales volume.
  • Consolidated return volume has increased 4 times since 2002. Within 4 years (since 2002 to 2006) the group’s gross profit has increased almost 3 times. In 2007 net gain performance indicator has increased 3 times. Net value increase of the company was 167% just in 2007.
  • In its product portfolio the company has products unique for the Russian and world markets (traction electrical equipment for heavy-load trucks of BelAZ type, city buses and tractors. Only Siemens and General Electric have similar equipment) which significantly increases the group’s competitiveness on the Russian and world markets. The Company is in the list of 400 largest Russian companies according to the “EXPERT” Rating Agency.


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