Synthetic crystals holding company

Object location:
601550, Russia, Vladymir Region, city of Gus - Khrystalniy, 110 International St.

Branch/sector: Synthetic crystals and high-purity quartz glass
Project start: 2005

CJSC «Synthetic crystals» Holding Company – a leading domestic manufacturer of synthetic optical quartz crystals and piezoquartz as well as products from high-purity quartz glass. Production sites of the company are situated in Gus Khrystalniy (Vladymir region), Zelenograd (Moscow), Kuznetsk (Penzenskiy Region). Markets in - Germany, Japan, China, Taiwan, Australia. The company includes the largest enterprises of the region OJSC “OCKO” and OJSC “Quartz Glass” (Gus Khrystalniy, Vladymir region).

Starting situation

Before the “ROEL” group started working the plants of the future holding had the following problems: low quality of the manufactured products, losing market share, low level of production capacity. In 2005 GC “ROEL:” became a shareholder of OJSC “OCKO” and OJSC “Quartz Glass”.

Activity of the managers of the company and GC «ROEL»

Enterprises OJSC “OCKO” and OJSC “Quartz Glass” (high-purity quartz glass) were united into the holding company “Synthetic crystals”. The enterprise restructuring included measures on organization structure changes, production and technical standards formation, business project formalization and reengineering, personnel optimization, management personnel evaluation, production and regulation base correction, organizational system change, labor remuneration and motivation, consolidation of secondary production subdivisions in order to optimize costs. Currently the enterprise is mastering new product types. In particular, the company started growing synthetic sapphires.

Achieved results

Today the holding “Synthetic crystals” produces 30% of world volume of optical quartz crystals. The product’s quality has become very high, production costs have been reduced. Holding enterprises are now mastering new types of products: sapphires, phianites, synthetic precious and semi-precious stones and other mineral manufacturing programs are being realized.


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