Lev TretyakovExecutive director of ROEL Project Management,  managing partner

Lev Tretyakov has been working in ROEL Group of Companies since 2006 as the executive director of ROEL Project Management. Presently he is also general directorl of the National Management Corporation and executive director of the No.1 Management Company.

Before joining the ROEL Group of Companies, Lev Tretyakov headed the Board for Development of the Engels Signal Instrument Engineering Union (2003-2005). He was a partner in the MINFIN Group of Companies between 2001 and 2005. In 2001-2002, he managed projects in the MDM Group.

Lev Tretyakov has an extensive experience in managing projects in  company modernization and restructuring, organizing of project management systems in large companies (in the of power industry and industrial production). He is also a member of the Coordinating Council for Investments at the Governor of Saratov Region, an expert of the Kreml.org network and a member of the Advisory Council at the Institute for Problems of Civil Society.

Lev Tretyakov has completed postgraduate courses for  Masters and Ph.D. degrees at the Higher School of Economics.

Russia: How to Bring Investors In? 
Lev Tretyakov, Managing Partner, ROEL Group
Журнал «World Finance Review», 2011

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