nergy-efficient developments of RUSELPROM at the Russian-Italian Scientific Business Symposium

The Russian-Italian Scientific Business Symposium on the theme Energy and the Environment was held in Moscow on June 5-6, 2018. The symposium was held with the assistance of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Mendeleev University of Chemical Technology of Russia, Mendeleev Russian Chemical Society, Scientific-Educational Center "International Institute for the Conservation of Logistics Resources and Technological Innovations". It was devoted the 150th anniversary of the founding of the Russian Chemical Society. DI. Mendeleev and the 120th anniversary of the founding of MUCTR them. DI. Mendeleev.

The reports of the major speakers, including scientists, professors and developers from Russia and Italy were devoted to environmental issues.
Deputy Director General of the RUSELPROM, Doctor of Economics, Professor Svyatoslav Masyutin spoke at the first section of the symposium. His report Energy Efficiency and Environmental Safety. Chemical, petrochemical, metallurgical, fuel and energy complex was devoted to the development of RUSELPROM in the field of resource conservation and environmental protection. Special focus was on the 20 MW asynchronous motor created by the RUSELPROM for an individual project for the atomic Russian icebreaker of the ARCTIC type of the latest LK-60Ya series. From the point of view of the environment, nuclear-powered icebreakers have a number of distinct advantages over diesel ones. RUSELPROM created the first electric motors in Russia meeting the European requirements for energy efficiency of classes IE2 (high), IE3 (very high) with the possibility of modification to the level IE4 - super high. Economically, these engines are more feasible. Environmentally, they have reduced noise level, and low level of carbon dioxide emissions.

The introduction of energy-efficient engines of the 7AVE series, produced by the concern, is possible in order to increase carbon dioxide emissions. Engines of the 7AVE series are manufactured for off-line operation with a rated voltage of 380 V, used at industrial facilities in Russia and other CIS countries.
The environmental and economic benefits of the 7AVE series of engines are achieved through increased efficiency to IE2 and IE3, short payback period and extended service life.


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