Vladymir textile holding company

Object location:
600015, Russia, city of Vladymir, 21 Razin St.
Internet site: http://www.brezent.ru/

Branch/sector: textile
: 2002

«Vladymir textile» is a manufacturing group producing and selling industrial textiles, work clothes and including leading Russian textile manufacturers: Viaznikovskiy and Mekenkovskiy flax processing plants. Traditionally the plants are the leaders in canvas cloth manufacturing in Russia and the CIS countries.

Starting situation

At the moment of the project start the enterprise was in a difficult financial state. The level of production capacity was low. According to the results of the last few years the profits were negative - before the ”ROEL” Group of Companies entered the project. The enterprises were losing market share.

Activity of the managers of the company and GC «ROEL»

Managers of the company and GC “ROEL” united the most important manufacturers of canvas cloth – Viaznikovskiy and Malenkovskiy flax processing plants. Business restructuring was started. Management company in which all management functions are centralized was created. A sewing line was started: working cloth fabrication and sewing of other prepared technical products. Centralized sale of the product through TH “Vladymir textile” was arranged. Cooperative production enterprises with independent canvas cloth manufacturers were founded. Measures were taken to reduce costs and increase production volumes. A wide regional distribution network was created.

Achieved results

Today the holding company “Vladymir textile” is the largest supplier of canvas cloth and work cloth in Russia and the CIS. The group’s revenues for 2007 have increased two-fold (up to 40 million USD) EBITDA index has increased more than two-fold. The strategy connected with opening of other industrial textile market segments through the purchase and creation of new manufacturing, opening other lines of manufacturing and sale of non-woven materials, filtered and other kinds of industrial-purpose fabrics.



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