RUSELPROM concern launched a mass production of 7A energy efficient engines

The RUSELPROM concern has launched a mass production of 7A all-purpose energy efficient engines. As the design capacity was achieved in 2010-2011, the annual production volume will amount to over 100,000. Developed in two energy efficiency categories (IE1 and IE2 to EC 60034-30), the 7A series is Russia’s first successful experience of creation of an engine whose technical parameters equal, and whose price is lower than that of the best international analogues, including products from Siemens, ABB, Emerson Electric and General Electric. The unique design created by RUSELPROM concern’s own engineers and scientists can be modified into the Premium (IE3) class which is used in the U.S. Technical  parameters of the 7A series, developed to the Russian GOST P 51689-2000 standard and the CENELEC IEC 60072-1 European standard, make it possible to mount the engines both on local and imported equipment widening the use of the engines on the market and help solve the import substitution problem.
“Today, when the Russian economy starts a wide-scale modernization based on energy efficiency and innovations, RUSELPROM can offer the market products which can be of key importance in solving such problems,” said Lev Makarov, chief designer. “We are sure that the start of the 7A series engines production will help cement our leading position on the market for energy efficient solutions for our industry,” he added.
According to concern’s specialists’ calculations, each 100,000 7A series engines when working 5 000 hours a year save electricity of up to150 mln kW/h per engine. In terms of all Russian fleet of engines of this series and capacity, 7.26 bln kW/h of electricity can be saved which is comparable with the annual production of such a large electricity utility as the Bureya hydro power station.


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