"National Ecological Company" starts the construction of a garbage sorting complex in the Stavropol Region

"National Ecological Company" (NEC) and the administration of Mikhailovsk City (the Stavropol region) have signed preliminary permissions for the construction of a garbage sorting complex (GSC).
The land survey stage is over and agreements to lease construction sites for the GSC and auxiliary facilities are being concluded. The next phase of the project is the design, supply and assembly of equipment for the GSC scheduled for the autumn of 2008. Under the plan schedule signed earlier "NEC" is planning to begin construction of the GSC in the autumn. At a similar stage is the project in Novomoskovsk (the Tula region). Documentation is being prepared for projects in the Saratov, Tambov region of the Republic of Khakassia. So far the company has undertaken activities in six regions. The construction of the GSC in the Stavropol region is the next step in implemeting a long-term investment strategy of the company, which envisages the creation of a network of new generation waste processing complexes in Russia to cover most populated regions of the country. The NEC is the first ecological company in Russia, building the network of complete cycle enterprises, which cover all phases in the field of waste management from collecting and disposing of wastes, to their high-level processing, selling recoverable materials and dumping of non-reclaimable waste components. The creation of a national network of enterprises dealing with the utilization of wastes will allow the return of hundreds of thousands tons of non-renewable raw materials to industrial production, and will keep territories around the cities free from pollution.


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