The National Environment Company starts a new direction in implementing a project in the Novomoskovsk district of the Tula region

The National Environment Company starts a new direction in implementing a project in the Novomoskovsk district of the Tula region. The NEC will collect solid waste from households and scavenge it to a recovery site.
This is another step to the creation of an integrated system of waste management in the region.
Before now the territory of the Novomoskovsk district was not fully covered by the collection and scavenging of household waste and this is why spontaneous dumps appeared near population centers. Many residential blocks lacked storage hoppers. Machines were outdated and needed modernization. National Environment Company’s services to collect and scavenge waste will cover the whole territory of the region. Modernization of existing recovery infrastructure is planned as well as the creation of new infrastructure. The reconstruction of waste management sphere is done with the help of investment attracted by the NEC. After the preparation period is over, the NEC will manage container sites, transport and auxiliary systems and sites. Waste reception in the Novomoskovsk district will be done at municipal landfills before the construction and the launch of the National Environment Company’s ecology factories.
According to deputy head of district administration Anatoly Selivanov, “the complex of measures carried out by the National Environment Company, including, among others, the collection and scavenging of solid household waste, will improve the quality of public utilities and cement ecological safety of the municipal district.”
As was said before, the NEC’s project in the Novomoskovsk district includes the creation of ecological infrastructure on the territory of the municipal district. The construction of a waste sorting complex with a capacity of 100 000 tons annual is planned as well as two new generation landfills – to bury non-recyclable solid house wastes and industrial waste of the 4th danger grade. The NEC project won an open tender held by the district administration in 2008. The implantation of the project will take place with the help of funds attracted by the National Environment Company.
The Novomoskovsk region is promising from the point of view of developing an entrepreneurial project in waste management. “The consumption type in the region which a company services is important for making profit in the ecology industry. City dwellers dispose of waste with a large portion of recyclable resources. The Novomoskovsk district is the best site for launching an integrated ecology infrastructure,” National Environment Company General Director Sergei Khoroshayev noted.
The Novomoskovsk district’s population amounts to 144 000, including 130 000 city dwellers and those who copy a city type of consumption.


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