The National Geological Survey Company (NGSC) together with participants of a consortium under creation brings into use innovation technologies to win precious metals from refuses and spoils of large enriching companies

A stable price rise for gold and other precious metals issue the challenge of increasing winning precious metals from different kinds of ore for modern mining companies.  A consortium, already comprising CJSC NGSC, LLC Factor-Gold, LLC ZabNII-Tekhnologiya and invited science and educational establishments – the Moscow State Mining University, the Moscow State Geological Survey University, the Institute of Non-Ferrous Metals and Materials Chemistry, LLC the Federal State Research and Design Institute of Rare Metal Industry, the Irkutsk State Technical University, - is being created to develop and bring into use technological processes for re-extraction from refuses and overflows of large ore-mining companies.
“The consortium of commercial and state-owned companies, professionally dealing in improving technologies for gold culling is being set up,” says Igor Yefremov, NGSC general director. “In the methods of procedure of mining and processing copper and polymetallic ore at large ore-enriching companies, consortium specialists can single out technological parts where precious metals are lost and define technical options of re-extraction and their economic efficiency.”
The consortium plans to sign its first contracts with UMMC companies – JSC Uralelektromed (Verkhnyaya Pyshma, Sverdlovsk region), JSC Gaisky GOK (Gai, Orenburg region), JSC Uchalinsky GOK (Uchaly, Bashkortostan).


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